2008_03_trumpsoho2.jpgDonald Trump's Soho skyscraper was hit with another stop-work order after a "hoisting device broke free and shattered glass on three floors due to high winds Saturday night."

The Daily News reports a cable "was swinging from the 26th floor when it hit the north side of the tower at 246 Spring St. around 10 p.m." Windows were shattered; contractor Bovis "refused" to say whether glass fell onto the street (Bovis did say their personnel "inspected the site and identified a few broken panes of glass"). The Trump Organization comment was just that they "rely on the knowledge and expertise of our general contractor to take all necessary steps to properly oversee job-site construction." In other words, it's all on Bovis.

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's Andrew Berman, who has a loud opponent of the building, took the opportunity to say, "That project has been one disaster after another." The building's previous stop-work order was two months ago, when a construction worker fatally fell 42 stories, due to substandard construction. Work at Trump Soho had only resumed on February 24.

There were other falling debris incidents around the city, due to the high winds: 75% of the scaffolding fell outside the Superior Ink condo development (designed by Robert A.M. Stern) at 469 West 12th Street in the Village; apparently streets were closed.

Photograph by wally g on Flickr