wxch_sfc_1128.jpgCan you believe that it warmed up to 64 degrees yesterday? You may have missed it as the normal diurnal temperature pattern, you know, coldest in the morning, warmest in the afternoon was upset by a late-night cold front. The high happened at 1:52 a.m. and the low of 43 didn't occur until midnight.

Cold air continues to pour into the region behind the front. While it will be a sunny day, this afternoon is only going to warm to 43-44 degrees. Perfect weather for the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center.

This morning's surface weather map is a wan imitation of conditions earlier in the week. Tomorrow will once again see a low pressure system move northeastward out of the Ohio Valley. This storm won't bring the warm air like Monday's storm. The high tomorrow will be in the low-50s, with a slight chance of rain starting around noon. After a brisk Friday the weekend is looking more brisk, as December says hello with the first extended cold spell of the season.

Surface weather map from weather.com.