lights from spaceWhile it is a bit warmer than yesterday, there's not much else happening with the weather today. Superficially, tomorrow's forecast looks more interesting: it remains warm but there's a chance of rain or snow. Looking a little deeper Gothamist sees that the chance of precipitation is only 20 percent and if there's any snow it is likely to fall well north of the city. If you want snow head upstate. Cold air moving over the warm water of the Great Lakes makes lake effect snow a good bet.

The precipitation is in the forecast because of an approaching Arctic air mass. Friday will be the coldest day since late-February. Temperatures in the city won't get much above freezing and windchill temperatures will be in the teens.

As of now it doesn't look like that cold air will stick around too long. Saturday's high temperature will be in the lower 40s and by Sunday we should be approaching 50 degrees.

Finally, an image and a movie. Today's satellite image is a couple of days old, but it's still cool. It is a visible nighttime image. The city lights are obvious. The big yellow swath running from Lake Michigan back through Kansas and Oklahoma is moonlight being reflected off the snow (original image). The movie is also a couple of days old, but has a high wow factor. Forty-five minutes on the surface of the sun as taken by the Solar Optical Telescope onboard the Hinode satelllite.