Yesterday, feds busted a massive computer virus hacker ring, including several "money mules," such as Russian beauty Kristina Svechinskaya. The whole story got us jonesin' for Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who was better at stealing our hearts than she was at stealing our countries secrets. Well, maybe we'll get our fix: today, there are reports that another sexy Eastern European who was part of the ring is on the run!

Kristina Izvekova, 22, was also a "money mule" in the operation. The ring leaders contacted young women in the US to open up various bank accounts, then transfer the stolen funds between accounts. Feds say that Izvekova used a fake Greek passport to open a bank account at a TD branch in New York in July, and tried to pressure another student to do the same. She probably pressured them into taking sexy beach photos too, an obvious prerequisite for taking part in any illegal European activities in the US. Izvekova entered the country in June 2009, and reportedly left last month, but we hope she turns up somewhere downtown wearing a princess' crown.