The Daily News confirmed that a set of passengers from a stalled subway in Brooklyn jumped off the train and walked along the tracks to the platform.

MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco told the News, "Customers should never leave a train on their own — it's dangerous and potentially deadly and it requires us to shut down entire lines and delay thousands of other customers because of the safety hazard it presents." The third rail is no joke.

This subway-break occurred on Wednesday afternoon; the News reports, "Their train was stopped because its operator saw an injured person on the roadbed near the Franklin Ave. station."

About 30 people on a stalled 3 train—which had been waiting for 10 minutes, the MTA says—decided to get out and walk to the station. They were spotted by a subway conductor who had been going from train car to train car to give riders updates about the situation.

On Friday, the Post published video taken by a subway rider who, along with another man, jumped off a stalled F train that had been apparently waiting for an hour near 34th Street-Herald Square in Manhattan because of signal issues.

Earlier this month, subway riders on a stalled rush hour F train shared stories, photos and videos of being stuck on the power-less train for 40 minutes. One commuter said, "It was so hot that once we got stuck and the lights went out, it started to feel like a steam box... People started jamming books and umbrellas to get the doors and windows open. To get the sweet relief of the passing trains."

The MTA is very sorry about everything. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is in charge of the MTA but repeatedly denies being in charge, has offered a million-dollar "genius" prize for anyone who can figure out how to fix this thing. Current mood: