sfc_map_2006_0426.jpgSometimes boring is good. Uneventful weather rules the roost through the weekend. Tomorrow will be the warm day of the week, with a high around 70. A dry cold front passes through tomorrow night, leading to several days with high temperatures in the 55-60 degree range according to the Weather Service. The Weather Channel is opting for slightly higher temperatures of 63-66. Nights will be chilly, with lows in the lower- to mid-40s. If the Weather Channel is more accurate Central Park may wind up with its warmest April on record.

Today is the anniversary of two relatively large and deadly tornado outbreaks. Over a two-day stretch in 1984, 47 tornadoes broke out from Louisiana to Michigan, killing sixteen people and injuring 259 others. Fifteen years ago today 55 tornadoes occurred from Texas to Iowa, killing twenty-one people. Also, on this date in 1834 a deep freeze hit the Deep South. Don't be afraid, Gothamist does not have these arcane weather facts memorized. We look them up on the weather history section of weatherforyou.com.

Surface weather map from the National Weather Service.