A retired NYPD detective and a retired Correction officer paid $1,000 for a plane to fly with an anti-Mayor Bill de Blasio message yesterday. Yes it's deja vu again!

Last week, a plane with the banner "DE BLASIO, OUR BACKS HAVE TURNED TO YOU" traveled over the Hudson River, on the same day as the wake for slain officer Rafael Ramos.

While no one took credit for hiring the plane, former cop John Cardillo explained, "As a large and unified group of current and retired NYC Police Officers, Detectives, & Supervisors, we are outraged by the mayor’s incendiary rhetoric, and for facilitating the current hostile climate towards the NYPD. We understand that the department and even our own unions can only go so far in their public condemnation of the mayor as to not irreparably damage the working relationship with the city, or future contract negotiations." (Police captains have since been admonished for turning their backs on the mayor at Ramos' funeral, as it caused pain to Ramos' family.)

For yesterday's plane, WABC 7 reports, "Retired Correction Officer Michael Sheehan and his father, a retired NYPD detective, hired the plane to fly over the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon."

Sheehan told the Daily News, "I hope [de Blasio is] embarrassed by it" and also blasted the mayor's relationship with "the circus clown, race-baiter and proven liar Mr. Alfred Sharpton."