The Manhattan DA's office has subpoenaed DC-based Occupy Wall Street protester Jeff Rae's Twitter account from September 15 through October 31. "I was a little bit blown away," Rae told Reuters. "It's interesting that in places like Egypt our leaders applaud people for using Twitter and social media for their movements. Here, I'm being subpoenaed for using social media." But Jeff, unlike New York City, Egypt is frozen in a police state bent against demonstrations and civil liberties.

Rae was one of the 700 protesters arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in October, but it's unclear what the DA's office hopes to glean from the messages. "The reason the subpoena requested defendant's Tweets is that defendant has made clear through various public statements that he was well aware of the police instructions that day," an Assistant DA wrote in a court filing. Rae is one of several Occupy protesters to have their Twitter accounts subpoenaed. His attorney, Paul Mills of the National Lawyers Guild, plans to file a motion to quash the subpoena.

You can read the documents related to Rae's subpoena below.

Twitter Subpoena