Sgt. Anthony Johnson was killed in a one-car crash on Long Island early Sunday morning, crashing into a tree in Valley Stream around 3 a.m. His Jeep burst into flames upon hitting the tree, and firefighters discovered his body in the car after putting out the blaze. Johnson had worked at the 114th Precinct, and his neighbor said, "This is tragedy...He was a damn good cop, I heard. I heard the precinct is devastated. He just made sergeant about a year ago."

It's unclear how Johnson lost control of his car, but Newsday reports that Nassau County police made 87 DWI arrests over the holiday weekend. Earlier this month, an off-duty NYPD officer was killed in a crash in Westbury after losing control of the car, jumping a curb and slamming into a tree. A passenger in the car also suffered "massive head trauma," and police could not determine who was driving.