Next Thursday is already Thanksgiving (we know, right?!) and so of course it looks like Mother Nature is getting ready to mess with the East Coast again. As if a Sandy/Nor'easter one-two punch wasn't enough, now we may get another nor'easter just in time for Turkey Day travels!

Of course, this being the weather, things can always change, but with our luck lately we're preparing for the worst. "How close to the coast the storm tracks will determine how unsettled the weather gets in the I-95 corridor to the Appalachians," AccuWeather's Alex Sosnowski says. "If it travels near the coast very slowly, then you have serious concerns with above-normal tides. It wouldn’t be another Sandy by any means, but [anything] above normal tides for these susceptible areas is a concern."

Still, maybe the storm will just move further out into ocean and skip us entirely. Which would certainly be something to be thankful for! But just in case you can't skip town in the end due to travel, well, at least there are restaurants open for the holiday.