Grandfather Brett Favre quietly and officially filed his retirement papers from the NFL this week, but the legacy of his sextual antics refuses to go away. After Jenn Sterger's accusations fell on deaf ears, Favre was sued for sexual harassment by two massage therapists who claimed they received sexually suggestive texts from him. And now, another massage therapist has come forward to Deadspin saying that Favre pulled the same shenanigans on her while he was with the Minnesota Vikings.

Stephanie Dusenberry, an independent masseuse in Minn., claims that Favre sent her innuendo-laden, creepy text messages last September, and that she even contacted the police for advice on how to handle the situation. She adds that he isn't the only Vikings player who harassed her in such a manner; she even kept a nude sext of back-up running back Albert Young, which you can see on Deadspin. Whether or not Favre's did anything illegal, Deadspin points out that "this latest represents the third (or fourth) set of allegations that Favre has sent lewd texts to contract employees of his own team — the sort of pattern of behavior the NFL, during its investigation of Jenn Sterger's claims, went to great lengths to avoid identifying." But on the plus side, through all of his alleged sexual harassment charges, Favre should take some comfort that he has yet to make an appearance on the Bad Baller List.

Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio is certainly taking the latest accusations seriously. Daulerio was the first to publish the reports on Favre, including alleged shots of his pecker, last summer. According to an article in the upcoming GQ issue, he fought tooth and nail to publish the story, and was willing to go to jail for it:

Before posting the photos and voice mails, Daulerio argued with Gawker's lawyer and chief operating officer, Gaby Darbyshire, over legal exposure. "She's like, 'You're willing to go to jail for this? It's just a dong shot,' " Daulerio recalls. "And I'm like, 'It's fucking Brett Favre's cock shot.' So yeah. If Brett Favre sued or [the pictures] were subpoenaed—I don't think they'd send me to jail for that, but given the choice, sure." In the end, Daulerio agreed to sign documents assuming responsibility for protecting the source's identity.