Yet another wandering goat has been found in Pelham Bay Park, near the junction of I-95 South and the Hutchinson River Parkway in the Bronx. The white male goat, seen here, is estimated to be approximately two years old and suffering from what appears to be an advanced upper respiratory infection. His ears are also mutilated, according to Farm Sanctuary, which has agreed to receive the goat at their upstate farm.

The emaciated goat was rescued Saturday afternoon by a park ranger who tranquilized the animal and brought him to Animal Care & Control of New York City’s Manhattan Shelter. It's the fourth goat found loose in the area; in July two baby goats were found and rescued, and in early September a brown male Nubian, believed to be about a month old, was found wandering the grounds of a nursing home in the area. That kid, which was named Evan, was very ill with pneumonia when found, and we've just learned that despite receiving round-the-clock care at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter and Cornell University Hospital for Animals, Evan died last month.

In a statement, Farm Sanctuary's National Shelter Director Susie Coston said, "It remains a mystery where these poor goats are escaping from, but wherever it is, we know they aren't being cared for properly, as evidenced by the advanced pneumonia, severe anemia requiring blood transfusions, emaciation, lice infestation and foot abscesses we've found. Some of these goats have arrived at our shelter so sick they can barely stand. If more people were able to know these goats as the sensitive, friendly, intelligent individuals they are, they would be outraged by the degree of neglect from which they are allowed to suffer."