Remember Fred Vankirk? Back in February the 59-year-old Ohio accountant was arrested after he tried to hug some hotel room service waitresses at the Radisson Hotel on Lexington Avenue—which was especially freaky for them because of the guns they could clearly see lying on his bed. Guns which it turned out were registered in Ohio, and not in New York. Well, yesterday Vankirk was sentenced to six months in jail for those firearms—but he'll probably be out in a matter of days.

Since Vankirk has been in jail since being arrested (he couldn't make bail) his lawyer suspects he should be back out soon. Vankirk—who was facing up to three and a half years in jail for having guns which weren't registered in New York—got a lightened sentence on a technicality. Basically his lawyer pointed out that Vankirk had been living at the hotel "and the state's tough gun possession law makes allowance for guns held in a person's residence."

This is certainly not the first time that Bloomberg's beloved tough gun laws have been skirted by a Midwestern tourist. At least he got some jail time.