Is New Jersey going nude? The state has a nude beach in Sandy Hook, but now 1010Wins reports that another one may soon be debuting in Asbury Park. Deputy Mayor and City Councilman John Loffredo said, "It's a person's prerogative if they want to go topless. I really don't see anything wrong with it."

Loffredo supports the proposal to make the stretch of coastline a topless zone, but some parents are concerned with their children being exposed to so much skin. One area prude told NBC, "Some things need to be saved for intimate moments with their significant other in the bedroom. Not for everybody to see." Tell that to 35-year-old Nicole White, who declared: "I sit topless at my house so I don't have a problem with it." Keep it classy, Jersey!

Here in New York we've got a few nude beaches, including the one on Fire Island sanctioned by the U.S. Park Service... but should we consider one in the five boroughs?