This is a pretty crazy time to be a teenager in the Bronx. Another adolescent was gunned down this weekend — this time fatally — with a bullet meant for someone else.

According to WABC, 17-year-old Issi Ariel Dominguez was walking home from a party early Sunday morning when a gunman fired into a crowd of people, striking the teen in the head at the corner of East 182nd Street and Valentine Avenue — less than a block from his home. Police and relatives told ABC that Dominguez was likely killed over an altercation that he wasn't involved in. "He was in the wrong place at the wrong time," his sister said.

According to detectives, Dominguez may have been standing in a group alongside individuals who may have been involved in a stabbing two weeks ago. The Post reports that as many as three gunmen opened fire on the crowd at around 2:10 a.m. and shot the teen — who was "as clean as a whistle" with no criminal record — in the head, while the Daily News says he was gunned down "execution-style." There is a video tribute to Dominguez here. This shooting comes two weeks after Bronx 15-year-old Vada Vasquez was shot in the head with a stray bullet, and just a day after a Bronx 16-year-old girl was hit with an errant shot.