Are people really worried about getting attacked in the Empire State Building or something? We ask because for the second time this month police have arrested a man for entering the iconic building with a firearm.

49-year-old former Marine Patrick Dandrea was arrested a little after noon yesterday when an X-ray scan revealed a .22-caliber pistol nestled in his's wife's pocketbook. Dandrea quickly claimed the gun as his own, but as he only had a permit to carry it in his home state of Arkansas he was promptly arrested for criminal possession of a weapon.

After his arraignment he was released without bail. He told police he'd been target practicing in Long Island earlier in the day and forgot he still had the gun (in his wife's pocketbook?).

Earlier this month an Indiana man was arrested after his backpack, and the .32-caliber revolver he had in it, set off the building's metal detectors. You'd think after the recent high-profile arrests of people bringing their guns into New York folks would be a little more careful with where they bring their firearms!