Yesterday's heat was proof that the old saying "Yeah, but it's a dry heat" is true. Although the high reached 96 the heat wasn't necessarily overwhelming because the dew points remained in the lower 50s. Those dew points have crept into the lower 60s this morning. Combine the increased humidity with another day above 95 degrees, we've got a heat advisory, an air quality alert, and the city hasopened cooling centers. Take it easy today.

As mentioned last week the heat is a result of an upper level ridge sitting on top of a surface high pressure system. That situation looks like it will last through tomorrow before breaking down. If anything Tuesday is going to be hotter and more humid. Look for a high near the century mark. The record high for tomorrow is 101 degrees.

The excessive heat will begin to fade on Wednesday when, an upper level low over Nova Scotia is expected to back up and displace the ridge. Wednesday will still be plenty miserable with a high in the lower 90s, lots of humidity, and an outside chance of showers. Upper 80s should be the norm for the end of the week and start of the weekend.