sohotrump.jpgWhen the weather outside is frightful, the risks are likely predictable--in high-wind weather anyway. Early yesterday evening, witnesses report that wooden planks broke free from a crane and crashed onto Spring St. at the new Trump SoHo building, reportedly crashing atop several cars. A collapse of steel from a crane at the WTC site early last week crushed a construction trailer where an architect was seriously injured when pieces of steel demolished his workspace after falling dozens of floors.

The accident last week occurred when a nylon swing broke and dropped the steel girders nearly 25 stories onto the site of the former World Trade Center. Details about yesterday's evenings are less clear, other than a report of scaffolding and planks falling from the top of the building falling into traffic.

Trump started building the semi-residential/hotel building [Warning: the site is flash-heavy with an emphasis on loud annoying music] on Spring St. recently amidst community opposition. Many neighbors were unenthusiastic about the construction of Trump's skyscraper in a formerly low-rise neighborhood, although it could spur economic development. The larger-than-life real estate mogul, casino owner, and television star defended his good name in a letter to the Wall Street Journal last week.