Is this what the early stages of a sharknado are like? Another great white was caught off Rockaway Beach yesterday, the third in the past week or so. This one was reeled in by a 12-year-old.

According to DNAInfo, Bobby Jahrnes and his son Kai were fishing when they felt a big tug on the line, eventually bringing in an 80-pound great white.

The site points to a Reuters report that mentions a rise in the great white population of white sharks in the Atlantic since a 1997 federal law banned the hunting of them. Jahrnes told the NY Post, "Great whites are on the endangered species list—they’re the top of the food chain in the water. There’s nothing to kill them off. They’re going to fill the waters up and I think that’s why you’re seeing more close to shore.”

Jahrnes and his son released the shark. The previous two sharks caught in the area were also around the same size and released afterwards. Some say these could all be the same shark getting caught again and again.