Dead grannies in closets was not a crime trend we'd ever predict, and yet we've now got our second one this year. Last night, police discovered the body of 62-year-old grandmother Rosemary Little inside of a basement closet in her Jamaica, Queens home and the Daily News is reporting that the police are questioning her 26-year-old grandson in the case.

Little's body was discovered after her sister, who lives upstairs, became concerned after not seeing her. A medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of death, but the police reportedly suspect foul play. As such, this morning they began questioning Little's grandson, Chistopher Jackson, who has lived with her since his mother died.

According to a neighbor who has known the family "for decades," the young man has been "kind of a little lost...He just wasn't doing anything. He was in the house all the time." His grandmother, though, was described as being very active "working, taking dance classes and doing charity work."

This is the second dead grandmother found in a New York City closet in as many weeks. At the end of March, concerned relatives found 76-year-old Cora Davis dead in her bedroom closet while her 21-year-old grandson entertained a young woman in Davis' bed.