It's been a little while since someone mentioned that they came across a goat head (or bag of headless goats) in a park somewhere in the city, although someone did notice a stitched up cow tongue nailed to a tree in Bed-Stuy a few months ago. But now just a little while before the two year anniversary of a goat head spotting in Dr. Ronald McNair Park, a tipster sent us a picture of another goat head laid out in almost the same way.

A tipster sent us the above photo of a goat head laid out on a plate, which he said he came across on Friday. The tipster told us that he's "been seeing similar things for a few years" in the park.

As we mentioned a few years ago, when someone found a goat head in Prospect Park, the heads are assumed to be associated with Santeria, particularly as part of ritual sacrifice to celebrate events like a new birth, a marriage or to commemorate a death. The practice is constitutional, but you're also not supposed to just leave your goat heads lying around in the park.