It turns out that the Manhattan DA's office, while investigating the 2007 deaths of two firefighters during a 7-alarm blaze at the former Deutsche Bank building (the fire was started by a construction worker's cigarette), found evidence of a huge check cashing scam. The NY Times reports, "Investigators examined the financial records of the John Galt Corporation, a subcontractor hired to remove asbestos from the building and dismantle it... The investigators discovered that Galt"—later charged with manslaughter for the firefighters' deaths— "was one of 389 construction-related companies that had participated in an unlawful check-cashing operation that lasted from October 2006 until July 2008 and involved about $40 million." Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau said, "They could avoid paying taxes and they could use the cash for a number of illegal purposes, and that’s the subject of a continuing investigation. Why did they want to generate this cash and conceal it?" The owners of two of the check cashing companies were charged with falsifying business records. And for more examination of what a mess the former Deutsche Bank building demolition has been, check out Wayne Barrett's Village Voice cover story from last week, "Even Bloomberg's Department of Investigations (DOI) found last month, in a report barely noticed by the press, that it was a case of death by official dereliction."