2005_03_subwayfire.jpgA subway track fire in Brooklyn jammed up the 2, 3, 4 and 5 trains this morning. WNBC reported that the Atlantic Avenue station needed to be evacuated at 7AM, and the subways were suspended for two hours. The MTA called the following delays "residual delays," which is much nicer than saying "You're going to be waiting on the platform with lots of people who are getting more and more annoyed...they'll start to mutter and shift and then try to squeeze into the train car before you can." Gothamist had to wait about 20 minutes before a 2 or 3 train appeared (the local was nowhere to be seen either); we admit we did bad by holding the NY Times in our hands, as if we'd even be able to read it - instead, we just smushed against others and got newsprinty.

Gothamist on track fires.

Photo from WNBC 4