Sigh. Nearly 3.5 inches of rain has fallen out of this latest storm, the illegitimate child of former tropical storm Lee and a cold front. We're exaggerating a bit, as September's normal rainfall is 4.23 inches, but several inches of rain is not really needed at this time. Have you noticed how coffee-colored the Hudson is? Here's a neat NASA satellite comparison showing what happens when Irene discharged several years worth of sediment into the river within a couple of days.

The cold front that arrived yesterday has stalled out about a hundred miles south of the city. Hurricane Katia is going to push the front back this way as a warm front, bringing with it another round of possibly heavy showers tonight, especially north and west of the city. Before then we're looking at a cloudy, foggy, misty, drizzly afternoon with a high temperature in the low 70s. Look for Thursday to be another foggy, drizzly day in the city with temperatures remaining in the low 70s. With any luck the rain should end by early afternoon.

Katia makes her closest approach tomorrow night before curving out to sea on Friday. She'll pass close enough to bring some tropical air, and with it a chance of showers, but not close enough for high winds. Look for highs on Friday and Saturday to reach the lower 80s. A Saturday night cold front will finally bring dry air to the region on Sunday. After that it is a waiting game to see if newly formed tropical storm Maria takes the same path as Irene. Sheesh.