Bill the Butcher

While the subject of the Meatpacking District being over-gentrified is nothing new, Gothamist must say Jesse McKinley's NY Times Styles Section dissection of the horror that is the Meatpacking District really struck a chord. Mainly these sentences: "The intersection of Greenwich and Gansevoort Streets has become a kind of night life Five Points, with rival gangs of Frat Boys, Stiletto Girls and Expense Account Creatives battling the Euros and Those From the Boroughs. One half-expects Daniel Day-Lewis, whose Bill the Butcher would have felt at home in the old meatpacking district, to emerge in a Thomas Pink shirt and a pair of Gucci loafers." Gothamist started to dream that the cobblestone streets would be covered in the blood of the comers mentioned or that everyone detailed in the article, including Johnny Knoxville, would be shipped to the Cinecitta Studios in Rome where Gangs of New York filmed. Sure, Gothamist likes new development when it seems right, but we went to the Meatpacking District over the weekend and made our companions promise us that we'd never ever come again.

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