Metro North

Brother. Metro North riders seem like an annoying lot. First, there was the guy who dropped his cellphone into a train toilet and proceeded to get his arm stuck. Now a man who fell asleep on a MN train is suing the MTA. The Daily News reports that commuter Joel Binn fell asleep on the 9PM to Scarsdale, waking up at 11PM in a deserted train, at the North White Plains yard. He waited for help then decided to jump from the train, breaking his arm in the process. Now Binn is suing the MTA for $600,000, plus his wife is suing for $100,000 (claiming "loss of consortium"). Binn's lawyer claims it's the MTA's responsibility to make sure no passengers are left on the trains when parked at the yard. Binn, who did admit to having a few drinks before getting on the train, thought someone would be coming since "The lights were on, the heat was on." He adds that, "You don't really realize until it is too late, these trains are really high up." Gothamist will file that one away as we'll never fall asleep on the Metro North ever.

Subway riders don't have to worry about that as much: Apparently, you'll be woken up by police officers giving you a ticket.