2005_10_groundzero.jpgMayor Bloomberg wants the city to play a "bigger role in rebuilding at Ground Zero". Oh, so a bigger role than showing up for photo ops and nodding along with whatever Governor Pataki says? Of course this announcement si totally political: By not really taking an active role in Ground Zero (aside from wanting the Freedom Tower to be safer, really), the Mayor has avoided criticism that he's helped the project go to the toilet. On the other hand, the Mayor does have the snafus of the Jets West Side Stadium and NYC 2012 Olympics bid on his side, but as monumentally harebrained they might have been, they are still peanuts compared to a city planning project that has so much baggage. We can only hope the Mayor uses his wooing-big-companies charm to continue to bring business down there... though we imagine he'll be asking them if they want some space on the West Side, too.

The Post writes, "Bloomberg, known for not picking public fights, would not go so far as to criticize Pataki," with Bloomberg himself saying, "Look, the governor, I've always believed, is doing a great job. I don't think anybody appreciates the complexity of doing things down there." It's complex, yes, but someone needs to take control - the planning needs a strong leader, not five loud people. What do you think about development at Ground Zero so far?