The State Public Service Commission approved a one-year increase for Con Ed electricity rates that will translate to a $6/month increase for NYC customers and $8/month for Westchester customers—plus another surcharge for other assessments, which give Con Ed about $721 million. Half that amount is for higher property taxes. The NY Times reports that the commission asked the utility to take "cost-cutting measures" but Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) blasted the decision, "As long as the Public Service Commission aids and abets Con Edison's game of perpetual rate hikes, the people of New York will continue to suffer from sky-high rates and substandard service. " And Con Ed, which had asked for $819 million, wasn't happy either, “Since most of a customer’s bill is used to pay supply costs and government taxes, it is troubling that the only costs being slashed in today’s P.S.C. decision are the funds used to maintain the system and provide reliable service." Update: Per a commenter, the Post suggests electricity rates will be lower this summer. We'll investigate.