Chelsea's Juliet Supper Club, self-described as the "nexus of creativity and glamour," was just smacked with a $20,000 in fines and forced to close for a week for allowing patrons to smoke inside. Between March and June, undercover inspectors noted five violations of the smoking ban. Juliet is the latest club to be targeted by officials tired of blatant smoking violations. However, club spokesman Elizabeth Rosenthal defended the club, saying, "Unfortunately, we can't always control when a patron attempts to light a cigarette."

Investigators may not have had to go further than Yelp to find stories of what went down in the club. One clubgoer said in May, "People were smoking inside the club, and in such a tiny place it was suffocating," while another said in October, "despite the "no smoking" law, which is fully abided at a club...Yeah right!...People smoke regardless so they should have vaulted or much higher ceilings for better ventilation." Club owner Jon Bakhshi agreed to a $200,000 settlement and closing the club for a week in exchange for being able to keep his license. The good news is they could just move all the smokers to an outdoor gard—oh wait.