2006_03_citybus.jpgOver the weekend, a 79 year old woman was killed by a ctiy bus in Brooklyn. The NY Times reported that Holocaust survivor Anna Dymburt was crossing Glenwood Road on Saturday morning, when a bus making a left turn hit her. The bus driver was not charged. Now, this is at least the third death in the past two months where a city bus has accidentally fatally hit a pedstrian: Last month, a woman died crossing the East 86th Street and in late January, another Holocuast survivor was killed in the Bronx. Does this mean city bus drivers need to be more careful or do pedestrians need to further be on their guard? We think both - we're amazed by how city bus drivers can make those wide turns and we do see some pedestrians blatantly ignore the rules of the road and walk into traffic.

Transportation Alternatives had maps of where pedestrian crashes occur in the city: Here are maps for Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.