2007_01_arts_busta.jpgBusta Rhymes surrendered to police last night for for beating his ex-driver. He was charged with assault in the third degree (a misdemeanor). He was expected to be held over night, but was only at the 1st Precinct station house from 7:30 to 11:30 pm.

His ex-driver, Eddie Hatchett, says he was attacked in Busta's 84 West Broadway office while trying to collect 19 days worth of pay. An argument began and Busta attacked him. He apparently left the precinct last night smirking.

Busta's Rap Sheet (pun intended):

• Withholds information about his bodyguard's murder.

Assaults concert-goer. Machete found in car. (Prosecutors have offered him a plea bargain for six months behind bars in the weapons charge, an offer Busta has refused).

Fan gets punched in the head after trying to get an autograph.

Check out his mug shot in the Smoking Gun's "NYPD's Secret Hip-Hop Dossier. Big Apple Rap Files".

What will Busta be busted for next? Maybe Peta should bust him for that coat.