Are baby bans seeping over the Park Slope line and into Windsor Terrace? According to Courier-Life, Double Windsor owner Jeff Switzer says their policy of no babies after 5 p.m. has been in effect for a few months now, and was instituted after some feedback from patrons. He says, “It’s more of an issue between people that live in the neighborhood than it is with us. Most people who come to the bar would prefer not to have babies in the bar.” And the debate rages on!

While he hasn't had to kick any strollers to the curb just yet, it seems some local breeders aren't too happy with the cut off time—one saying it should be more like 8 p.m. (but that's during happy hour!). Those without spawn maintain that they come to the bar to relax, and don't want to be chastised for smoking outside or cursing within earshot of a youngin'. And that group is not afraid to question your parenting!

It was just 2 years ago the Park Slope's Union Hall caused a stir after their stroller ban—so we asked Jack "Skippy" McFadden (booker of Union Hall and owner of the Bell House) what he thinks of bans like this now that he has a (10 month old) daughter. He also happens to be a regular at Double Windsor! He told us:

My stance hasn't changed since I had my daughter. We've taken her to a bar or two, and she's proving herself to be a very pleasant diner, too—but we take her at times where it's totally square and appropriate. I've never eaten dinner at 5:30 before, but now I do if I REALLY want to go and we don't have a plan. I know a ton of other bar and restaurant owners and I can see them cringe when people bring their kids in at inappropriate times. It ruins the vibe they've worked very hard to create. Bars aren't Romper Rooms, they are dangerous places with pottymouth drunks. Some seem more friendly than others, but they aren't. You can tell if a place is friendly to kids or not and you shouldn't take it personally if they are not. Just go somewhere else.

If people would just use some common sense and consideration, there wouldn't have to be rules. That pretty much goes across the board for everything, but sadly, there are always self-absorbed people who think the planet revolves around them. You should hear some of the quotes that come out of parents' mouths when they are asked to keep an eye on their kids at bars "Oh, it's Park Slope, someone will watch them" (as their kid is hauling ass down an employees only entrance en route to a flight of stairs into an oven).

I hate that Double Windsor had to make rules, especially now that they are serving such awesome food, but they know their bar better than anyone. They aren't a bunch of single kid hating cranky dudes. They are parents. Take it from them, they know better, and parents who live in Park Slope should know better too. Get a babysitter, you can afford it.

Wise words... not that they will end the debate.