Not to be outdone by that measly $1 billion class action lawsuit filed against Greenhouse—the "eco-friendly" but allegedly black-unfriendly downtown nightclub—some other offended blacks have stepped up with their own $1.5 billion lawsuit! Greenhouse: the "big tobacco" of nightclubs. This new lawsuit is being filed today by Raqiyah Mays, a Kiss FM radio host, and three others who say that they were not let in "due to their race." Isn't it about time for Latinos, Hasidim, and Sikhs to get their piece of the Greenhouse bonanza?

Mays was kept on the humiliating side of the velvet rope on September 25th, when she and others were trying to get into the Urban World Film Festival's after-party. She claims that the only black people admitted were those who arrived up with whites. "I would call it racism," Mays tells the Daily News. "I felt embarrassed. I felt humiliated. They were playing the picking game."

Greenhouse is known for a notoriously exclusive door policy, and people of all ethnicities have complained about not being allowed to throw their money down that obnoxious clusterfuckhole. But the party was attended by black photographer Johnny Nunez, who tells the News, "When (the organizer) didn't show up, everything kind of fell apart. People that were screaming racism didn't want to get in line with everyone else. They wanted red carpet treatment." And the Greenhouse owner calls the allegations "unfounded."