JFK Airport: Where beloved KITTEHS go to vanish. At the end of August 2011, Jack the Cat was lost by American Airlines at JFK and didn't turn up for two months—by then his internal injuries were so severe that he had to be put to sleep. We really hope things turn out differently for Xiaohwa here. The 4-year-old feline bolted from her traveling crate at JFK’s Terminal 4 last Wednesday and hasn't been seen since.

Xiaohwa was headed back to Taipei to be reunited with his owner, Iris Yu, who is working abroad. Yu's boyfriend, Jerry Cheung, tells DNAinfo that a friend took Xiaohwa to the airport on Wednesday. When a customs official asked the friend to open the cat’s travel crate for inspection, Xiaohwa bolted and got away. That was almost a week ago, and the poor thing is still missing. A Port Authority spokesman did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

Cheung says Xiaohwa has had a hard life and suffers from feline immunodeficiency virus, the cat version of HIV. "[Yu and I] found Xiaohwa together,” Cheung tells DNAinfo. “So losing her is like losing our child. I can understand the airport is a pretty big place. And for a cat, there’s a lot of places to hide. But there should be some expert or pet detectives that can facilitate in resolving situations like this."

Come on Xiaohwa, give us a happy ending here pal!