This Engadget story about Sony coming out with an even thinner version of an existing model (the 5.0 MegaPixel Cyber Shot DSC-T1) that's already very small made Gothamist wonder. The new model is going to be 4mm thinner. That's it. What is 4mm, you ask? Gothamist converted it into inches to find out that it's the equivalent of 0.157 inches, slightly more than an eighth of an inch (0.125"). Man, fold up a couple of dollar bills and it's thicker than an eight of an inch. Gothamist loves added convenience, but come on - there's a reason why those huge, clunky IBM laptops are so sturdy. It's also funny, because tinier and tinier objects are in complete opposition to the male posturing of "mine is bigger than yours."

Kristen on wishing for the return of the big cellphone.