While the police are looking for the two men who robbed a 90-year-old of $370, the plight of the senior citizen mugging victim moved a WCBS 2 viewer to give Jessie Little a hand. The viewer, who wished to remain anonymous, gave reporter John Slattery $370 to replace Little's money, "I felt bad that this individual was taken advantage of, and if I could do the right thing to help him get back on his feet, I’d be more than happy to," and then added another hundred, explaining, "Tell him Santa Claus said, 'Merry Christmas'"

Little, a former merchant marine who is on fixed income, had gone to cash a check and was apparently followed into his Harlem apartment building on West 139th Street, where one man grabbed him and pushed him to the ground and another took his money earlier this month. Little was touched by the gift, "I appreciate it. I thank him. I’ll pray for him and wish him all the luck in the world." As for his robbers, Little had previously said, "I want to put ‘em in jail for life. That’s what I want. I wish I had a gun. I’d blow their brains out."