Last July, MIH Ventures held their annual Heatwave gathering and left Prospect Park with an epic layer of trash covering it. The MIH folk didn't even have a permit for their large party (you need one for any gathering over 25 people), and they were trashed in the press for trashing the grounds. Well, this year they've stepped up their game!

According to the Brooklyn Paper their event was back in the park this weekend, and by 9 p.m. crowds had dispersed along the outskirts of the park. It was around that time in front of 135 Ocean Avenue that a gunman fired into the crowd, leaving one man wounded and others running scared.

A witness told the paper, “It was not an amicable atmosphere. Guys were getting out of fancy cars with bodyguards—the money on display was crazy." Another said it seemed like things were building up to the incident for "quite some time." While MIH (who holds the BBQ for their regular event attendees) was instructed to stop serving food by 5 p.m., the park curfew isn't until 1 a.m. Earlier in the evening, one attendee was heard saying, "This is just getting started." Currently there is no definitive proof that the Heatwave event was directly linked to the shooting, however.