It's so hard to keep up with Gang Initiation Day! Is it on Easter, or around Halloween, or both... or neither.

Cops are on alert again as the annual Halloween rumor settles upon us, which typically alerts the city of a Bloods-induced bloodbath that has potential new members slashing hundreds of innocent people. Of course, the NYPD notes that this is somewhat of an urban legend, and this type of gang bloodshed hasn't gone on since 1995.

The NYPD's spokesman, Paul Browne, told the Daily News: "There was an incident in 1995 that gave rise to this annual rumor but has not materialized since then. It's an annual rumor that has not had a basis in fact since." Last week the cops in New Jersey were also dealing with what was dubbed a "Red October" hoax, that warned people of a Bloods initiation calling for the killing of 140 women.

To play it safe, the city's boys in blue will up their presence should the Bloods try to turn the rumor into reality. The paper reports that this "increased attention is based on what police have heard from debriefed prisoners and others."