Every September as Yom Kippur arrives, demonstrators head out to protest the annual sacrificial chicken slaughter, a Jewish ritual known as kaparot. Yesterday was no different, as the Crown Heights blog reports back that "a group of demonstrators gathered in front of the Jewish Childrens Museum on Eastern Parkway to protest.. the group began with just a few demonstrators, and steadily grew as Jewish people engaged them, arguing principles and beliefs." The ritual is most often performed after dawn on the day before Yom Kippur, but can be held anytime between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur.

A leading rabbi has just joined an animal rights group's campaign against kaparot, and protesters often (as they did yesterday) advocate the use of money in place of chickens, as many Jews today perform the ritual by waving money wrapped in a white cloth over their head (then donating the money to charity).

Below is a video from a kaparot ceremony in Crown Heights in 2007.