2007_02_seidlin.jpgAs the fight over Anna Nicole Smith's body continues in a Florida courtroom, the judge presiding over the proceedings has become something of a media star. And Judge Larry Seidlin is ready, telling people that he's ready for a TV show. We chalk up his chutzpah to a Bronx background.

Seidlin, who famously said "This body belongs to me now" in spite of the medical examiner's suggestion that Smith's body be released, got a short write-up in last Friday's Daily News. The facts: He grew up in Pelham Parkway, graduated from Hunter College, and attended St. John's law school at night for two years, before moving to Florida over 32 years ago. Seidlin, 56 was also a cab driver and loved it, saying, "It was dangerous, but I loved making conversations with people. I love my roots. It's part of my character."

Someone wrote on The Bronx Board message board: "Well, if he is from the Bronx, Now I have a better chance. BECAUSE I am the legal father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, and I demand a Bronx Style Paternity test.. remember: We meet in the school yard and if you don't believe me, I kick your butt."