Despite the picture, nursing student Theressa Compere says the injury inflicted when a B6 painfully peeled the skin from her ankle three years ago has left her permanently unable to wear mini skirts and shorts. (Here she is wearing pants.) In 2008 the teen was crossing a Brooklyn intersection when the B6 bus rolled on top of her foot. Damage might have been minimal, reports the Daily News, had the driver not turned the wheel—causing the skin to come off completely—but backed up instead. Now, she says "when I go to the beach I have to cover up. I can't wear heels and it hurts when I walk up a flight of stairs." Compere is suing the city, demanding reparation for the accident that hospitalized her and caused her great pain and inconvenience.

An MTA investigation showed the B6's driver "failed to scan the intersection properly, failed to use caution while making a turn, failed to observe Compere, failed to yield and failed to maintain control of the bus," resulting in the vehicle-pedestrian collision at Flatbush Avenue and Glenwood Road. According to the report "[The driver] stated that the bus was moving ... and that it was dark, raining, and the windows were foggy. He heard a thud against the right side of the bus." That thud was a 17-year-old girl.

In court, the defense is expected to argue that the teen was gabbing on her cell phone, and not paying attention to traffic. Still, the probe sided with the victim, not the driver. "The safety and training division recommends that the [bus operator] be held accountable for this accident," it concludes.