The ancient forces of anti-mayoral mayhem that have been trying to destroy superhero Newark Mayor Cory Booker were up to their old tricks today, when Booker fell and hurt his ankle while getting out of an SUV in Charlotte. Booker—who's previously rescued a damsel from a burning building, single-handedly shoveled Newark out after a blizzard, and helped a pedestrian who was struck by a car—was long thought to be as invincible as Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, but it appears that he's not without his weaknesses.

The NJ Star-Ledger reports that Booker sprained his ankle on his way into the Charlotte Convention center for a rehearsal this morning. But let no one accuse Booker of being a mere mortal; despite his debilitating injury, he's proceeding on course through the day's events and is on track to deliver an awe-inspiring four speeches today, including one at a Planned Parenthood rally (and who knows what will happen there!). "He played through the pain," explains Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, who was with the mayor this morning.