2005_12_powerpuff.gifThe feds have arrested members of an intricate marijuana operation called the "Cartoon Network." Was Mojo Jojo in on this? Newsday reports that the operation spanned NYC and Long Island, and offered home delivery of high-grade marijuana, with customers shelling out $100 for 2 grams. A source said, "It is the best. They called regular marijuana 'Grandma.'" Aw, that's not nice. Anyway, members of the drug ring claimed that they had some high-profile cilents ("professional athletes, entertainment figures and other high-profile professionals") and the feds are looking at phone records to see who clients actually were (the sources weren't sure if the network's kingpins were boasting or telling the truth about famous cilentele).

And this is one for Hotel Chatter: The drug network's "call center" operated within various NYC and Long Island hotel rooms.