With all the talk of pet cruelty and an otherwise quiet weekend of New Yorkers enjoying the mild weather, the Post checks in on that nagging topic we probably haven't thought enough about lately: animal sacrifices around town. Longtime Parks Ranger Joe Puleo told the paper that Forest Park and Highland Park are the hotbeds for the violent rituals performed for reasons such as "devil worship to voodoo to offerings for good luck." Puleo then put on his creepy voice for the paper and said, "They are never caught, because they are careful, and they never do it during the day. They do it at night when no one is around." A Forest Park man recently discovered a rooster and goat head while walking his dog—he called 311. Then things really start getting fun when the paper talks to NYC Parks Advocate founder Geoffrey Croft, who recounts finding a dog shot and eaten by a man. At least Croft is able to sum up the whole madness quite succinctly by saying, "It's a public-health issue, it's disgusting, and it freaks people out with the whole voodoo thing."