The lamestream media says that next month an angry, motivated army of tea baggers will vote in a right-wing regime that will make the Bush II crowd seem like a bunch of sane and cuddly Care Bears. But someone may want to remind these disgruntled patriots that they can't just walk into the polling site and vote—the big bad guv'ment requires everyone to register. And according to the New York State Board of Elections, the surging rage you see on the tee-vee hasn't translated into a surge in registration.

Two days before last week's deadline, 10.6 million New Yorkers were registered to vote in statewide elections. Only 52,000 were newly registered voters. And the Times reports that half the increase in registration came from new Democrats, who are supposed to be dispirited this year, or so the media story goes. Republican enrollment, meanwhile, declined slightly since April 1st. "I didn’t see any more than the normal rush, and requests for absentee ballots are right at the norm," says a Democratic elections commissioner in Rochester.

Bruce N. Gyory, a Democratic political consultant, gives a great quote to the Times about what this might mean for November 2nd: "The Tea Party voters are like Goldwater’s conservatives and McGovern’s liberals: they were in their party all along and they were high voters. Their passion and anger is what is new. But you don't get counted twice because you are angry and only once because you are calm." Of course, given the way things went with the new electronic voting machines, you'll be lucky if you're counted at all.