For the "If it's too good to be true..." file: Six New York mothers have sued a company that offered 99.9% accurate gender testing. For $275 and a blood sample (via a kit), Baby Gender Mentor claims to give gender testing to women as early as 5 weeks pregnant; the Post points out that's 2-3 months before a gender may be detected by sonogram or "amniocentesis and typically the cutoff point for abortions -- although no one suggested in the court papers that was the reason they took the test." Well, here's one's plaintiff's story: Keven Duffy wanted to "surprise her husband with the news that they were going to have a son. The couple already had a daughter, and was hoping for a boy for 'family balancing.'" The company said she was having a boy, but "a sonogram revealed they were having a girl...The flip-flop 'caused stress' in her marriage...and she and her husband have since divorced." The plaintiffs' lawyer also points out that 10-20% of the company's clients claim wrong results. Related: How Asians in the U.S. may be embracing sex selection techniques (IVF or sperm sorting) or abortion to ensure having male children.