This is one heck of a revenge plot. Rockaway Beach resident and jilted ex-girlfriend Sterrine Campbell was arrested yesterday for allegedly paying a man to put antifreeze in the gas tank of her ex-boyfriend's car.

Authorities say the victim, who lives in Far Rockaway, discovered Charles Marc (who has no known address) pouring antifreeze into the gas tank of his 1998 Ford Econoline at around 3 a.m. Sunday morning while it was parked in Inwood. The victim also noticed Campbell "speeding away from the scene" in her own car. Further investigation revealed that Campbell had supplied the antifreeze and paid Marc for his services.

Campbell and Marc were both arrested and charged with criminal mischief. Campbell also faces charges of criminal facilitation and criminal solicitation. For those of you sans car, this is what happens you put antifreeze in a gas tank.