Maybe Russian intelligence agent Anna Chapman has already sold her story, since we've had a growing suspicion that this whole ordeal has just been an elaborate viral marketing campaign for Angelina Jolie's upcoming spy thriller, Salt. The timing is just too perfect! Chapman, the attractive NYC party girl who passed information to Russian officials, shares a life story which eerily resembles the movie's plot, in which Jolie plays suspected Russian sleeper agent Evelyn Salt. Even they've got to realize the similarities, as the NY Post reports that Jolie has now asked local promoters to invite Chapman to the film's Moscow premiere next week. There's just one slight kink: Chapman's location is unknown.

Reportedly, Russian authorities are interrogating her and the nine other agents at an undisclosed government compound in Moscow, after being deported to their motherland in a high publicized spy swap. "Interrogation," "undisclosed government compound," and "Moscow" are words that never bode well in the same sentence. Though sources say the spies are barred from using cellphones, Chapman has been active on Facebook.

The movie's publicists in Moscow said they have sent a premiere invitation to Chapman's last known home address in Russia, but as the agents' current location is unknown, nothing is assured. One Russian promoter told Russian news web site that "since it's a personal request...we'll do everything possible." When asked about Jolie's plans to bring the real lady spy on the red carpet, a Sony Pictures spokesman replied, "We are not aware of anything like this." Sure, you aren't. It's all part of the conspiracy, isn't it!