Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang announced Tuesday that he had tested positive for COVID-19, forcing him to suspend what had been an active campaign schedule that took him across the five boroughs.

In a press release, Yang revealed that he tested positive on Tuesday after taking a rapid test. He had tested negative as recently as the weekend.

"I am experiencing mild symptoms, but am otherwise feeling well and in good spirits. I will quarantine in accordance with public health guidelines and follow the advice of my doctor," he said.

This is the second time Yang has been forced to halt in-person events because of the pandemic. Two weeks ago, Yang stopped in-person campaigning for eight days as a precaution after one of his staffers became infected with the virus.

Yang said his campaign had already worked to initiate the contact tracing process and was reaching out to his close contacts. More than his rivals, he has made an effort to crisscross the city in search of votes.

His food photos at various restaurants have earned him attention as the candidate trying to "eat his way into Gracie Mansion."

Last Thursday, Yang was out campaigning in the Bronx with State Assembly Member Kenny Burgos. The two visited several restaurants and small businesses. He went on to hold a voter registration drive at East 149th Street and 3rd Avenue. He was also tweeted photos from around NYC this weekend, and during yesterday's snow storm.