A week after his death, details from Andrew Madoff's will have been revealed. And most notably it's that he had $16 million to share between his children, his wife and his fiancee. Yes, his wife AND his fiancee.

The last surviving son of "financier" Bernard Madoff, Andrew Madoff insisted that he had no idea about his father's $60 billion Ponzi scheme—even though he worked for his dad. However, Irving Picard, the trustee in charge with seizing assets from Madoff's scam, said that Andrew Madoff got about $60 million from unsuspecting victims.

The Daily News reports that Madoff was left with $11 million in personal property and about $4.5 million in real estate holdings:

In his will, which was made public Thursday, the master scammer’s scion left one third of his property to his wife, Deborah West — and $50,000 a month to the woman he’s described as his fiancée, Catherine Hooper.

“I request my executor to pay to Catherine Hooper, so long as she is living, the sum of $50,000 on the first day of each month, commencing 30 days after the admission of this will to probate, for her support until the administration of my estate is completed,” says the will, which was dated July 8.

After the estate is completed, she’ll be paid from a trust which will have an undisclosed sum of money in it.

Also getting trusts are his two children, who were left all of their father’s personal property.

One victim told the Post

, "Sixteen million? And all these people were out of their money?"

Andrew Madoff died at age 48 from lymphoma. His older brother Mark Madoff killed himself in 2010, with his baby son in the apartment. Madoff told People last year, "One way to think of this is the scandal and everything that happened killed my brother very quickly. And it’s killing me slowly."